Hello, my name is Jackie Roberts and I am a psychotherapist and counsellor working in private practice in Bethnal Green, East London. I also have a smaller practice in Marylebone, in London's West End. I provide individual one-to-one sessions, and my work can be either long-term or short-term, depending on the needs of the individual.  I am able to offer sessions by Skype or telephone. 




What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

Psychotherapy and counselling provides you with the space to explore your feelings in a safe place away from the busyness of day- to-day life.  It offers time to think, feel, and reflect, in a non-judgmental environment, enabling you to look at new ways of being so that you can live more fully and with greater meaning.  I will help you to live more authentically. 

Existential psychotherapy is about confronting fears and limitations with courage, and embracing life with an attitude of curiosity and wonder. It is about living authentically, deliberately, and with meaning .



"True life is lived when tiny changes occur" - Leo Tolstoy